02412-92 Zareba® ASM Transformer 6J Board


Board Model: 01479-92

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  • Board Model: 01479-92

    This Zareba® 6 Joule PCB/Transformer is compatible with charger models EAC100M and EAC200M. A few things you should know when repairing a charger: Most chargers can hold a charge long after they have been unplugged or disconnected from the battery. You can be shocked by an unplugged charger. The consumer assumes all risk when repairing or utilizing a charger that has been “repaired” or modified. In addition, once the charger has been opened all warranties are null and void.
    • Part has been discontinued. Once inventory is depleted, part will not be replenished.

Application and Uses

  • For MOD# EAC50M-Z  ZAREBA Fencer


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