Bussmann FRS-R-6 Dual Element Time-Delay Fuses


  • Dual-element feature provides the best timedelay performance, allowing closer sizing and superior protection of motors and transformers
  • Closer sizing allows for smaller fuses and less costly switches
  • Class RK5 fuses with a 200 kA interrupting rating for use in a broad range of applications
  • Provides motor overload, ground fault, and short-circuit protection
  • Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads and single-phasing when sized properly
  • Dual-element fuses can be applied in circuits subject to temporary motor overloads and surge currents to provide both high performance short-circuit and overload protection
  • Offers a 10-second time delay at 5 times the rated current
  • The time-delay feature makes it possible to use fuse amp ratings that are much smaller than those of non-time delay fuses. Considerable cost savings occur by permitting the use of smaller size switches, panels, and fuses themselves.
  • Provides current limitation to help protect downstream components from high fault currents.
  • Gives motor running back-up protection to motors without extra costs.

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