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Used and Surplus Motors and Products

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We have many used, refurbished, and unused surplus motors and other products available for sale. Below is a partial list of products we have. We update the list regularly, so keep checking back. Contact us to purchase an item, or for more information. Call 717-287-5233 or email

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Cat #Model #BrandHPRPMVoltsFramePhase
6098000 Leeson1/2180090 DC56C 
G120037 Leeson1.51800230/460145TC3
GRL8260188.00GRL-BMQ826-40-L-140Grove Gear     
45GS50 Goulds     
174611SM2Leeson3 240 1
 BS-2400FLYGT1403550460 3
GR8180118.00GR-BMQ-818-60-L-56IRONMAN0.449  56 
140706 Leeson101740230215t1
G588DX5KH36KNA510XMarathon1/4 100-115/220-23048Y1
K642 Marathon 3450208-230/46056C3
DTP0206 Nema201175230/460286T3
NP7/56 Nema7.51170230/460254T3
  Teco501760230/460 3
DTP0204 Nema201770230/460256T3
DTP7/54 Nema7.51755230/460213T3
EM3313T Baldor101770230/460215T3
131245 Leeson53450230K184T 
97331292 Ingersoll Rand53520200182/4T 
110086 Leeson     
4UX686 Dayton1/3172511548YZ1
4UX686 Dayton1/3172511548YZ1
124229 Leeson     
  Penco(Automatic Pool Cover)     
P18A2120P Relialube(with gear box)31725208-230/460-480WD182TC3
M3710T Baldor 1725208-230/460213T3
FDL37331M Baldor7.51730230213T 
84.Z00013 Grondfos53450208-230/460184TCZ3
39J861W588 Baldor11760230256U 
110494 Leeson11725115/208-23056C1
112136 Leeson21725115/23056C1
  Delco 1760 215T 
  Doerr1/2 230L156HCZ 
308737  1/21075208-230/46048YZ3
131542 Leeson31740230184T1
J1210B Baldor82850190-220/380-415215TCZ3
M7064T Baldor50176230/460326T3
120923 Leeson W.S.2 330/190460/380145T3
  WEG  460/380-415 3
131633 Leeson51740230  
117883 Leeson11800 56YZ1
117883 Leeson11800 56YZ1
113256 Leeson     
  Emerson 1725110-115/220-230L56Z1
  General 1725230215T 
15698 Franklin  11548Y1
9030 Marathon3/41725115561
  Emerson 395024056 
6K287D Dayton1/3172511548Y1
6K197BB Dayton13450115/208-230 1
  Leland Faraday 3455230/460143T3
113974 LEESON1/31740115/208-23056C1
BM05853 Baldor0.75 115-230/110-22056J 
  Vibco 3450   
N613 Marathon33490208-230/460145TC 
FLX-2350 Baldor1/2 115/23048yz1
cdp3436 Baldor3/41750180vdc56c 
100012 Leeson3/41725115/208-230s56h1
PART# MO-3022-15KCR49SN2021YGe53450208-230561
FM1008 Aerotech1/31050 481

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