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Roy later proposes to Thea and she accepts. Malcolm appears in flashbacks working with Konstantin Kovar, giving him Sarin gas in exchange for the means to acquire information on Unidac Industries to build the earthquake device. As he refuses to betray his friend and former mentor, he is tortured by dirty cops and by Diaz himself. She makes Malcolm go on the run by informing Raʾs al Ghul of his survival. But the entire team is soon brought back together, in order to rescue Quentin from Cayden James and Black Siren. She is determined to avenge her mother's death.[28]. He works with the Arrow from time to time and eventually comes to accept him. In an episode of the season four of The Flash, reveals that, like his Earth-1 and Earth-2 doppelgängers, he is the father of Earth-X's version of Laurel who operates as Siren-X. Quentin supports Team Arrow when Raʾs plans to unleash the bio-weapon on Starling. He does not see any other way to live until the Arrow saves him from a kidnapping, after which Roy attempts to find the Arrow to help him. An image of Tommy is seen, calling Oliver a hero. Emiko's focus on her personal vendetta publicly exposes the Ninth Circle. ", "Arrow Confirms Oliver Queen's [spoiler] In Season 8", "Arrow: Surprise Guest Star Was Critical to Mia Smoak's Upbringing", "Arrow Recap: What Answers Did the Flash-Forwards Episode Deliver? Laurel Lance (portrayed by Katie Cassidy;[r] main: 6–8;[t] recurring: season 5), Following the death of the Earth-1 Laurel Lance in season four, an antagonistic version of the character from Earth-2 named Black Siren (also portrayed by Cassidy) is introduced. He is later revealed to be the main antagonist of season six, who manipulates events of Oliver Queen and Cayden James' lives behind the scenes, and kills James upon admitting that he orchestrated his son's death and prepares to launch his own scheme upon Star City while getting its judges, politicians and police officers on his payroll. When battling John Diggle Jr. - the son of her father's partner, the new Deathstroke - with her own Team Arrow, Mia, William, and Connor inexplicably time travel to 2019, and Mia meets her father before his prophesied death. In season two flashbacks, he is severely wounded by Dr. Ivo's mortar attacks and Oliver injects him with Mirakuru, which is the slang word for the Japanese Mirakururururue, a strength-enhancing serum left on the island in World War II by Japan, in order to save his life. In season six, Curtis has survived the explosion by taking shelter in the plane with the others and is working with the team using his upgraded T spheres and other tech. He tries to reshape Tommy into a better person by cutting him off which works but causes tensions between them. In season eight, the Earth-2 Malcolm Merlyn is revealed to be married to Moira Queen and is not the Dark Archer. On why Simon is not Vigilante, as in the comics, Guggenheim stated, .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, We knew we were going to do Vigilante this year, we knew who the character of Prometheus was, we knew that the character of Prometheus was the son of one of Oliver's early kills in season one, we knew that he was going to be someone who was going to indoctrinate himself into Oliver's good graces in the mayor's office and eventually betray him. He used a earthquake machine to destroy the Glades and everyone in it. Having hired new allies, the Longbow Hunters, Diaz gets his hands on a drug, which gives him super super-strength. Quentin publicly admits in court his association with H.I.V.E. Amell also portrays Werner Zytle in a Vertigo-induced hallucination in season three, Christopher Chance / Human Target disguised as his character in season five, and his character's Earth-X doppelgänger in season six. Oliver Jonas Queen (portrayed by Stephen Amell; main: season 1–8) is a billionaire playboy who returns to his home of Starling City after being apparently stranded on a desert island for five years and presumed dead. Despite their renewed animosity, both Malcolm and Oliver harbor deep respect for each other: Malcolm regards Oliver as a surrogate son and Oliver himself remembers the man Malcolm was before the death of his wife. In season eight, Felicity returns after the Crisis following Oliver's death. Malcolm Merlyn appears as a main character in Lego DC Super-Villains, with John Barrowman returning to the role. Malcolm ultimately loses both his left hand and his power after Nyssa wins the League's leadership with Oliver's help, leading Malcolm to align himself with Darhk for revenge against Oliver.


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