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The one-stop strategy was difficult but paid off. This is a very rare occurence: It’s only happened four times in the last four decades. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. “We would like to dedicate this win to our founder, Soichiro Honda, whose birthday it would have been today,” he added. In these incredibly difficult times, we at RaceFans need the support of our readers more than ever. Congrats to the whole team!”. But spare a thought for poor Alex Albon, whos podium was confiscated by a Hamiltonian shunt. Hamilton admitted after the race the call that he advocated "didn't pay off". This stat has an almost continuous upwards trend since 2011 2012 = 1,135 out of 2,020 = 56.2% 2013 = 1,210 out of 1,919 = 63.1% 2014 = 1,292 out of 1,919 = 67.3% 2015 = 1,267 out of 1,919 = 66.0% 2016 = 1,437 out of 2,121 = 67.8% 2017 = 1,390 out of 2,020 = 68.8% 2018 = 1,475 out of 2,121 = 69.5% 2019 = 1,440 out of 2,138 = 70.6%, Phylyp (@phylyp) 18th November 2019, 19:17. Your email address will not be published. He seemed anonymous, never looking like he might salvage a result from the Renault. (stupid rule, surely), Keith Campbell (@keithedin) 18th November 2019, 22:16. Max Verstappen maintained his lead down into the first corner, while just behind, Lewis Hamilton overtook Sebastian Vettel for second. Apart from a few minor changes in the midfield, and Charles Leclerc steadily making upwards progress from fourteenth on the grid, the order remained generally stable for the first few laps. Lewis Hamilton's day was bad. Didn’t Canada 1995 have two debut podiums? The Stat FLAP – this goes whoever set the fastest lap during the race regardless if that person finishes top 10 or not or even like Bottas retires. He is going to be a danger next season. REDEMPTION! Honda was born on November 17th 1906. Senna stat is impressive, drivers are really getting young in f1. Albon is second but Hamilton nails Gasly and is in behind! Carlos Sainz finished fourth, but was promoted onto the podium after Hamilton’s penalty. This was, after penalties, Hamilton’s second worse race of the season. Lancer033 (@lancer033) 20th November 2019, 0:37, Esploratore (@esploratore) 23rd November 2019, 11:19. Don’t get me wrong, this season we had 3 midfield guys on the podium which is the biggest number since 2015, but the gap between Mercedes – Ferrari – RBR and the rest has been that big, that there is no room for real challenge by a midfield car, even in specific circumstances. Verstappen’s 30th podium – the only other driver with exactly 30 is Montoya, who was also once denied an Interlagos win due to a collision with a backmarker. Hamilton just couldn’t keep up, though we need to say that Verstappen drove a gorgeous bend to force them home. He bousts around the outside, Hamilton fights back, they’re wheel to wheel, and Verstappen has the legs on him! Ta-ra! Every practice, qualifying & race Live & On-Demand in HD. Isn’t the “…longest-ever 2,000-day wait for podium result” the same amount of time as the “..“McLaren end shortest-ever 2,000-day wait for podium result”? FW11B (@fw11b) 19th November 2019, 16:25. Max has now overtaken Daniel in both wins (8 vs 7) and podiums (30 vs 29) – for both all achieved when driving for Red Bull. I’m convinced that, with a little bit of time & imagination, we can invent at least another 1000 equally amazing & eye-opening factoids about this race. Seb would have at least had a dive! Why!! The stat of “most races before a podiums has a great line if holders. Today's race was just unbelievable. Carlos Sainz's first Formula 1 podium and McLaren's first in five years is secure, after the FIA looked into alleged illegal DRS use in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Next season is going to be very special, and Red Bull are ready. Verstappen wins Brazilian Grand Prix after late Vettel and Leclerc crashes ; Updated . MAX VERSTAPPEN WINS THE BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX! @jerejj ah right, I thought he might have had one in 1994. Sebastian Vettel’s 2008 Italian Grand Prix victory is the only time one of their cars has finished any higher. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan) 19th November 2019, 10:59, Actually is COTA 2013, where an all Reanult engine powered cars covered the top 3 positions, Looking at the stats for this race you could be forgiven for thinking F1 is alive and well and competitive as ever. Luke S (@joeypropane) 18th November 2019, 16:28, Casanova (@casanova) 19th November 2019, 16:58. Lap 61/71 That was brilliant by Verstappen, and behind him, Albon nails Vettel and Leclerc to take third! A brilliant drive from Max Verstappen gave him victory in a brilliant race; he and Red Bull served notice to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes that, next season, they are in for a serious fight, Sun 17 Nov 2019 14.09 EST Mercs have managed to miss on podium finish in 5.83% of races in hybrid era, I dont think any other team in F1 can claim this much success over the years. Lap 66/71 Leclerc diddles Vettel down the inside! Hamilton was only forced into such a reckless move after his team bizarrely allowed him to call his own shots from the cockpit. @jelle-van-der-meer – very nice stat, thanks for crunching the numbers! So far 2019 has been the least competitive for people outside the top 5 in the championship since 2011. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. RP (@slotopen) 18th November 2019, 17:25. "We woke up this morning after a difficult Saturday with a clear commitment to never give up and fight back," said Team Principal Andreas Seidl. "Today's race was just unbelievable. Verstappen tells Barichello that Hamilton was very quick and they twice played good moves to beat him. That 2,072-day wait is the longest McLaren has ever gone between podiums, which began in the year before their ill-fated tie-up with Honda. GeeMac (@geemac) 19th November 2019, 10:20. I count 5 (Hulkenberg, Giovinazzi, Russell, Albon, Norris). DonSmee (@david-beau) 18th November 2019, 16:52. Hamilton, Verstappen, even Ricciardo (probably not in that Renault tho) would have been past within three laps given the chances he had. Lap 65/71 This race is over as far as first place goes, but there’s all manner of shenaniga going on behind them. Daniel Ricciardo recovered from an early penalty to climb back up to finish sixth. First published on Sun 17 Nov 2019 11.10 EST. The Brazilian Grand Prix practically crammed half a season’s worth of action into the final 10 laps. He pitted during the last safety car stint, dropping him from second to fourth in a move that gave him just three laps to try and climb back ahead of Gasly and Albon. "That is proper heartbreak for Albon," Sky Sports commentator David Croft said. Sebastian Vettel failed to score for the second consecutive race for the first time since 2009 Hungarian and European Grand Prix. There goes his first ever podium! If you didn’t have to finish the race, Williams or another uncompetitive team could decide to field a car underfueled (or otherwise optimized for a couple of flying laps) if they deem their chances of getting the FLAP point exceed their chances of finishing 10th. "I massively apologise to Albon," Hamilton said. Jelle van der Meer (@jelle-van-der-meer) 19th November 2019, 13:32. Is this the 1st time the driver with the FLAP didn’t finish in the top 10? Jelle van der Meer (@jelle-van-der-meer) 19th November 2019, 6:31, And who was that backmarker that denied Montoya that victory – you guessed it right it was Verstappen :-), MacLeod (@macleod) 19th November 2019, 8:37. And now he goes for Hamilton! First time that none of the top 3 were alive when Ayrton Senna died. There are now just 4 active F1 drivers without a podium, equal the amount of active F1 drivers with 1 podium finish. frood19 (@frood19) 18th November 2019, 19:46. There was heartbreak for Alex Albon after he was torpedoed by Hamilton in the second final lap. Their last one-two formed by two different teams was four years earlier at Monza, Nelson Piquet’s Williams leading Senna’s Lotus home. Alex Albon also overtook Sebastian Vettel during the re-start to take third. Play Video 1:36 Max Verstappen says it's a 'shame' crash cost Red Bull teammate podium finish - … It’s his first podium, and he says he’s made many in other motorsport, but this is something special. Tango (@tango) 18th November 2019, 19:32, Hülkenberg being the only non rookie I believe, Assume bottas’ lap doesn’t count as he didn’t finish in top ten? frood19 (@frood19) 18th November 2019, 20:23. Your email address will not be published. Interlagos became the first circuit where Valtteri Bottas has two DNFs – he was punted off by Hamilton in 2013. A furious Vettel angrily complained on team radio. The 2019 top 5 has scored 1,440 points from a total of 2,038 points = 70.6% The 2011 top 5 had scored 1,404 points from a total of 1,919 points = 73.2% After USA race it was actually up to 73.6% but in Brazil it dropped a lot as top 5 only got 31 from 101 points (=30.7%) of Brazil points. It probably wasn’t how he envisaged taking his first F1 podium – but a post-race penalty handed down to Lewis Hamilton after the Brazilian Grand Prix meant that McLaren’s Carlos Sainz officially claimed his first top-three finish in Formula 1, after getting promoted from P4 to P3. Kimi Räikkönen equals Fernando Alonso’s number of entries (314) and starts (311). In a year where Mercedes has looked invincible at times, Monday morning's grand prix was a reminder that the mighty world champions are very human after all. Although it didn’t give him an extra points – Bottas set his 13th FLAP before his engine gave up. Lap 63/71 3.071s the lead now, and Hamilton only has 0.783s on Albon. Good to see two new faces on the podium and McLaren ending their 2000 day podium drought, but one issue that i hope the budget cap/new rules can reduce, is the gap between top teams and the rest. After losing the race lead to Verstappen, Hamilton went into the pits on lap 66, seeing him drop to fourth behind Alex Albon (second) and Pierre Gasly (third). Meanwhile, it was also a special result for McLaren, who claimed their first podium since the 2014 Australian Grand Prix, 2,072 days ago. Verstappen was clear of the chaos as he came home first ahead of Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasly and Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton. Sainz tweeted: "PODIUM! That was yet another belting race - we’ve been waiting for a Hamilton-Verstappen duel, and it did not disappoint. This breaks the previous record for active four time world champions by a country mile. See the Comment Policy and FAQ for more.If the person you're replying to is a registered user you can notify them of your reply using '@username'. We pick out the winners and losers of the Brazilian Grand Prix… Winner: Max Verstappen.


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