indoor exercise for kids
If you don’t have the real Twister game, you can always make a DIY game! One player who is “It” is blindfolded. Everyone lays down with their belly on the floor. The person who holds the bell can’t stay motionless or prevent the bell from making sounds. Inside: Easy indoor fitness activities to help highly energetic kids burn off some energy and get them moving with a purpose before you lose your mind. Keep the Balloon Up. For more information, please, read my full disclosure policy. As soon as this person gets back in a plunk position, he screams “GO,” and the next person in the back of the line gets up and runs to the front. 16. Required fields are marked *, One secret every mom should know about getting in shape. It might be less aerobic, but it makes up for it in concentration and stretching. Not only does it get kids (and perhaps the whole family) moving, but it builds their brainpower as well. Depending on the ages of the kids you could use one or some of these rules: one arm behind your back, can’t take more than one step, can’t use your hands, can’t touch it more than once in a row. Fitness Bingo. To do that, lift both your arms and legs off the floor like you’re a superhero flying through the air. As a variation, players need to fill the card in the shape of a U (so everything but the two higher moves in the middle row will be covered). (PRINT HERE) Print one card for each child and one for the leader. Make updates to Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Plank Race. If you are having difficulty using assistive technology with this website, 17. Egg Race. 18. Find a blank wall in the house without any furniture or breakables nearby. They play nice. Yep, but you can do it! Make sure one of your kids is not angry or mad about something before the wrestling match. The winner must mark a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line to get a BINGO. Why is it not a daily thing for every family? My kids came up with this game all on their own one rainy day. They deserve a treat. Someone picks a place that they’d love to fly to. Keep the game interesting by giving new dance instructions every time you restart the music. Hide them around the house or in just one room. They can call out numbers as they jump on them. When the break is over, the next kid can choose a destination. Have the kids take turns doing a handstand up against the wall and see how long they can hold it there. It’s harder than you think, and if the socks are really tight, it might be practically impossible. Fun, energy-burning, AND educational! If there’s not enough room for more than one to safely go at once, time them with a stopwatch to keep the competition strong! Whoever drops the egg has to eat it. A solid go-to that’s always a crowd favorite. The classics are unbeatable! They need to beat the clock to find all the flashcards and put them into a sentence to figure out the mystery. If you’ve ever seen a ballerina dance, they’re always walking around on the balls of their feet. Their little bodies contain so much energy and it will come out one way or another. How about reading aloud from their favorite book? 21. When the music stops and you yell “Freeze!”—they have to freeze in whatever position they’re in. Make a couple of rockets and challenge kids to have a race. Instead of using a ball, use an unusual or weird shaped object like a stuffed fish or long-legged giraffe. The game is simple: the group has to keep a balloon in the air without letting it … Our favorite kitchen dance party music: Because I’m Happy (from Despicable Me 2) by Pharrell Williams, Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, and Hey Na Na by Katie Herzig. One person walks around and taps each player on the head saying “duck” until suddenly he decides to say “goose.” The goose needs to jump up and chase after the first person, who needs to run around the circle and get to goose’s seat before he is tagged. Place a hula hoop on the floor. Your email address will not be published. 9. In this game, two players pass a ball to each other, while the third player who stands between them tries to intercept it. Be ready for a lot of laughing. The leader calls out a move. All the players chase after the kid with the button. While you’re flying, ask the kids what they’re seeing on the ground below as you pass by, ask them what they’re going to do when they get to the destination, ask them who they’ll see there and what the place will look like. Our favorite songs for Freeze Dance are Baby Sharks and Try Everything by Shakira. This is a great challenge for their upper body strength and vestibular systems. They don’t try to hurt each other. 24. Research also shows that active games help children to: –       Build social skills like cooperation and communication, –       Find more ways to express themselves. 10. Push play and start cleaning. Your house is on fire, and your kids are gone. Some days, my kids are pretty good about coming up with inventive games to play, but other times, they need help. At the end of the game, count the buttons. Do you have high energy kids? On the “GO” command, the person in the back stands up and runs to the front of the line. Piggie in the middle is by far my kids’ favorite basement game. 20. 23. Everyone gets in a plunk position along a horizontal line. That’s why I suggest keeping this list handy: print it, bookmark it, or PIN it for later. 25. One variation of the game is to replace duck and goose with Darth Vader and General Grieves. I would even claim that wrestling is the number one tool in keeping brothers’ relationships strong. Twister. Some options could be: walk on your toes like a ballerina, pretend to be your favorite animal, hop on one leg, turn and spin. 3. Not only is this game a fun and silly one to play with friends, but it’s also a great option for stretching, balancing, and working up a good sweat! The last kid left standing is Little Ann. Kids gather inside the hoop with their backs to each other. Whether or not your kids need to practice the alphabet, this is a great game to get them thinking about their bodies in a new way and get some inadvertent stretching in. Come up with a mystery sentence, something like, “The cookies are in the blue bowl in the pantry.” Or “Your mystery snack is under the bed in your room.” (Treats and snacks work the best in my house). It’s … I’ve Got Your Socks. Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This collection of engaging fitness activities is a heap of fun for us, and I hope you will love them too. On “GO!” kids use their butts to push the other kids out of the hoop, while they are being pushed themselves. Help guide their legs to get there if needed. That’s how boys work through their emotions and get along. Once the seeker finds the first person, they both have to continue to skip around the house and find the rest of the hiders. By using this site you agree to the Terms of Use. Once you’ve “arrived,” everyone can take a break from flying. However, you have to skip everywhere. Surprisingly, I remembered a great many jumping rope variations from my own childhood, when my kids got old enough to jump with me. 11. 6. Clear a path away from chair legs and table corners to see who can get through the fastest. All Rights Reserved. You can have all the kids work together or do individual hunts. How challenging it becomes is up to you. One player wears socks, and everybody else tries to take off those socks. I still try to jump every day with them. To start, show your kids a video of puppies or kittens wrestling. Right now, put on some music, start dancing, and shout out, The last person not moving is a rotten egg! So that would be a one-hand-plunk for a few moments? Trade-off whose turn it is to seek to make sure that everyone gets ample time to skip. Win-win-win. One of the players holds a bell and moves around the room fast, passing the bell to other players. Create safety rules. Sumo Wrestling. Once the right name is called, the player with the button tries to run as fast as possible to a pre-determined target. Jumping Rope. I’ve Got Your Socks. 3. Hide-and-go-seek is always a huge hit at my house. The tough part: being on all fours, or only twos! A childhood favorite of mine, this game was a big hit in my neighborhood when I was growing up. Do it when both kids are in a good mood. 27. My seven-year-old likes solving simple problems on hopscotch. Write each word on a different index card or post-it note. Or try my 3-year-old’s favorite at the moment. Crab-Walk: walk on all fours with your belly facing the ceiling. We do hula hoop competitions, different variations, and hula hoop games. Try making the letter with a partner. I do! Play catch with a twist. Why them? Make a bet that the whole room can’t be cleaned up before the song is over. 13. © 2020 Sittercity Incorporated. 8. Your email address will not be published. 14. Everyone puts a hard-boiled egg on a small teaspoon and each person walks through the house. Since it’s a race, you have to mark the time at the first “go.” Then you mark it again the time when you covered the whole distance, and someone’s head touches the farthest wall. If you need some inspiration, we really like the Jump Rope Dudes’. Roughhousing is essential for healthy kid development. I call out a number, and she walks to it and jumps on it. Straw Rockets Race. The game is simple: the group has to keep a balloon in the air without letting it touch the ground. See our Privacy Policy. However, lucky for my kids, I’m a high energy person, too, and love coming up with even more activities that require physical exertion. 22. Or join a Jumping Rope Challenge with Cross Rope. Duck, duck, goose. Toy Minefield is a clean-up game that gets my kids giggling and moving. 12. If you’re in a bind about sending them outside to run around, we’ve got a few simple games (exercises) that you can do with them indoors. I say, “10-8,” and he jumps on “2.” Then I say “2×3,” and he needs to jump all the way to six from two. You might need a belt from a bathroom robe and tie it under the pillows to keep them from sliding down. The players have to do the move and then check their boards. Oh, yes, scientists tell us that physical expression improves the blood flow to the brain, enhances thinking skills, and improves memory. please contact Sittercity Customer Success by phone at Cleaning a house is a form of fitness with benefits. Related: Improve Your Child’s Memory with this LEGO lesson, 30 Rainy Day Activities from Your Favorite Bloggers, One Simple Way To Improve Your Relationship With Your Kid. Both people have to stop at once if one yells, “Stop!” Include anything else that makes sense for your family, like no wrestling near a TV or near the baby. Dance Parties are underrated if you ask me. Learn ten hula hoop tricks from The Hula Hoop Institute. A fun variation is when the person who moved from the back of the line gives the front person a high five before getting in a plunk. This game is ticklish! It’s a game of leapfrog. This classic game challenges kids to get into uncomfortable and physically demanding positions without falling over.


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