is pat cardi still alive
TT: Joye Hash, who memorably played Miss Grindstaff in this film? We'll be back with more live blog nutrition for you tomorrow. "I really do think the situation with covid has exposed a lot of ageist stigma and it's sort of stigma that's been hidden inside Pandora's box up until now. I keep busy, and I am a more humble individual these days. Anyone who tries to go out and copy this guy's actions is fucked up and bound to do something stupid anyway. I have another anecdote that happened later on. The tarantula wrangler and Bill Castle showed me that the fangs were rendered usless and that they were as harmless as a kitten. He is just a sad little nerd who didn’t know how to cope. The Tingler was my all-time favorite, with its lobster-like title creature supposedly crawling its way through the movie theater as seats got buzzed while Vincent Price urged audience members to scream to deactivate it. PC: I think the budget was under $100,000. They seem to dislike each other from the get-go, bickering and insulting each other. PC: A few reasons. But Mary was a down home country Alabama girl. TT: Considering how troubled that production was, you probably made the right decision. PC: (Laughs). They also cut a song out of the movie that I wrote and produced for a scene where Vernon and Rosie were on a date. PC: I have a print of the original 16mm director's cut from the A/B roll in my possession. He was very attached to all of us, and very specific with his directions. Every experience in a feature film is unique for everyone involved: actors, crew, management. PC: Joye was a kick. Did you actually wear eyeglasses or were they a prop? I believe the version that Crown cut together was re-rated by the MPAA and may well have gotten a PG. Cardi’s favorite director when he was a child was Castle. My dream has always been, since age nine, to direct films. Tell us it was as much fun as we imagine. I had been developing my chops as an actor, and the "Gilligan-esque" antics of the It's About Time scripts didn't feel like acting to me. He also introduced me to the notion of doing live theatre, which he was performing in England at the time. When he learned the film was based on a novel, Cardi was eager to read it and was surprised at how differently the character of Barnaby was portrayed. If you would like further COVID-19 news tonight. Somehow I knew it would manifest itself. PC: Oh, I loved the studios and spent a great deal of time sneaking out the stage back door and exploring the lot wherever I was. TT: Just curious. I was worried he might not be able to pull it off because he was not an actor. I've filmed and produced a few short films on the subject of juvenile justice and restorative justice in the California prison system. Castle misses many opportunities to throw in some scary moments, particularly in the abandoned hotel that Barnaby and Chrissie explore. After all, the title could have been I Was a Teenage Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She was wonderful on the set. And when she became Miss Grindstaff, she was perfect! The distributor saw fit to change it several times. As far as my acting technique goes, I wasn't that deep. At that time, I had turned down steady parts on General Hospital and The Young and the Restless because I thought soaps were beneath me. Larry had his hands on the bleeding pulse of something really new and different. So I never showed up for wardrobe and my agent told me to never call her again. Beat them senseless maybe, but not KILL them. So she was trying to look and act much younger than she was. I could only hope this would be as good. Also, my girlfriend at the time flew out from Hollywood to Dallas to visit me on the set and she got to play Miss Grindstaff’s corpse as it gets rolled out of the classroom. I did not know from technique, and never felt I needed a coach. The appearance of the groundskeeper, a legless, badly, scarred man who ambulates on a wheeled platform, is included for a “Boo!” moment when Chrissie unexpectedly sees him for the first time. I'd hit every soundstage I could, and visited the sets and with the casts of all my favorite shows: Batman, The Munsters, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Combat, The Wild Wild West, Get Smart, Star Trek, My Three Sons, Hogans Heroes, and many more. So that's what people at home are doing. Bill seemed to respect that his actors all knew what they were doing, and really only made suggestions when he felt the character might react differently than we interpreted. When Castle learned that Cardi liked reading and magic, he would give the boy magic tricks from the Hollywood magic shop they both frequented. And I was some five to six hours in that makeup for what seemed like months. I read the book before the first one even came out. The Major has declared the house neutral territory—Switzerland—but rather than stay inside, the two kids spend their time exploring the island and roaming through the jungle as the Major stalks them. I played them the Edgar Winter “Frankenstein” track and begged them to do that instead. I was a fan of all horror and fantasy story films. I felt this was my calling and I was happy for all the attention I was getting. He even convinced Joan Crawford to make personal appearances at movie theaters to plug Straight-Jacket. I fell in love with her and we dated during high school. PC: It was. I had that effect on folks at that time. These days, every actor goes out with a list of instructors and directors they have worked with, and every casting director expects it. (Laughs.) Picture clarity is excellent, with facial details, patterns in wallpaper, objects on Aunt Justine’s kitchen shelves, and clothing patterns appearing clear. (Laughs). But Hollywood wasn't ready for it. Apart from his earlier promotional gimmicks, Castle knew how to provide genuine scares and get under the skin of viewers. There’s no consistency in his characterization. Larry made a classic 70s horror film. "We need to make sure no Australian families are left to make difficult decisions about whether they can afford to put good food on the table," he said. An orphan English heir (Pat Cardi) and his playmate (Mary Badham) plot to kill his uncle (Nigel Green), who is plotting to kill them. The Terror Trap: As a kid throughout the sixties, you worked in numerous TV shows including Hazel, The Fugitive and The Invaders. I don’t think Horror High Ltd. ever saw a dime from them. PC: There was a couple of different guinea pigs - one for Mr. Mumps' version, and one for the post facto change version. I believe that was my last acting role. PC: Well, Horror High was the working title and was the original title when the film was released in the Midwest. PC: One of my favorites was The Fugitive, working with Kurt Russell, who was my age and an actor I highly respected at the time. Next-best for me was House on Haunted Hill, in which a skeleton emerged from the side of the screen and glided over the heads of yowling kids. TT: What attracted you to the role of Vernon Potts in Horror High? The cat came from the local shelter. PC: Larry was a good director. 6 photos. I'm frustrated that we won't ever have a chance to do that for this film. In that regard, do you think the film is still relevant today? One screamed, "It's Vernon, the Monster!!". PC: Thanks! The guys looked horrified and shouted, "OH SHIT!" She was beautiful, so down to earth, and so damned friendly. A small early phase clinical trial, which included around 131 healthy adults from Melbourne and Brisbane. PC: The script girl rescued the cat and took it home. Mary Badham is described as a “force of nature.” Barnaby is more heroic in the film than the book, in which he terrorizes everyone on the island. I'm very A.D.D. It made a large lump on my head. TT: How did you get your start in the business? I think he toyed with the idea of the Vernon character turning a gun on himself at the end of his killing spree, once he's cornered. They told me in that first audition that they wanted me for the part. I had worked with a lot of Hollywood directors, and he was a natural. The extra gore didn’t even turn up on the Code Red DVD release. Thanks, mate. TT: What kind of budget did Horror High have? English SDH subtitles are an option. Ever wondered what prompts people to sign up for clinical trials? "As a doctor I have big concerns about the diets and long term health of young Victorians.". I think he was disappointed in how low the budget was, and that the production was not adhering to SAG rules. Sometimes all we can do is listen, so here's an opportunity for everyone. The cat came to later in the day and licked off the fake blood. Now that you're all weirded out, I guess I'll just wait until I'm given the "Jimmy, you're never blogging again" speech by my superiors. I don't remember much about those two years. It was National Cabinet today, meaning all the big players among the feds and state leadership were doing the press conference rounds. PC: Through a series of well worked coincidences when I was nine, I got a small part in a World War II action picture. PC: We didn't. PC: (Laughs) The death-by-cleats was certainly one. Someone like Vincent Price—Castle’s previous leading man—would have infused the Major with greater malevolence yet still maintained the dark humor of the script. And I was thrilled to be in The Invaders. Queensland health officials have told politicians they need to self-quarantine for a fortnight after returning from the capital, after the State Government declared the ACT a coronavirus hotspot. PC: I had starred in a film for Universal called And Now Miguel (1966) based on a novel by Joseph Krumgold. It was rated X for violence. I was already prepping a release of my version with commentary by the director and producer and some of the actors and myself. Still, would you like to return to acting at some point? My friends and family are sick of hearing it. You may recognize Pat Cardi from his starring role in the drive-in cult classic Horror High (1974) where he played Vernon Potts, the poor bullied teenager who concocts a strange potion in the school lab, a potion which changes him into a lean, hirsute killing machine. They would tell me that we were going to do the scene with the plastic spider to keep me calm - then at the last minute they switched to the real ones and freaked me out. We are now about 50 patients less in Victoria in hospital than we had at peak. When Castle learned that Cardi liked reading and magic, he would give the boy magic tricks from the Hollywood magic shop they both frequented. The solidarity is heartwarming. Biography. Very unprofessional. I wasn’t a classically trained actor. PC: I remember Bill had a long, private talk with me. I haven’t played the song in some time, but it wasn’t really appropriate. The survey also found one in 10 families on yearly incomes less than $40,000 faced the same struggle. And Lagoons. Do you have any interesting anecdotes regarding the making of Horror High you’d like to share? TT: A fascinating possibility.


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