manipulate in a sentence
Scientists should not manipulate data. So, now that you are here, suppose I give you a lesson in, Where this is not the case it must be suspected that there has been some carelessness in, Every minute since that time he had spent in rubbing and, But after a little practice, the effort of working the blower with the foot whilst. : The India case shows how susceptible to political manipulation the cultural agricultural practices become when skilling is disrupted. Sentence with the word Manipulate. We want to see how attorneys massage and manipulate the law. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Rather did not return a phone call from the Times . Answer. Hello, gang," he said, manipulating the tube with his tendrils. The manipulation of donated aid resources is a most despicable moral crime. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. If you are a good-looking individual, then you can make the best of it and, Data are the basic 1s and 0s code all computers use to, Physicians use their hands to diagnose injury and illness and. By the way, journalists who don't return phone calls from the press are precisely the sorts who don't hesitate to manipulate content--it's all part of the belief that the rules they constantly apply to others don't apply to themselves. Asked by Wiki User. Objects that appear to be, The problem is that he's dull-witted and easily, The quantities and locations of reading tables, carrels, shelving, and other furniture and equipment are, Herrera's portmanteau style and ludic impulse constitute a form of visual jabberwocky, in which the familiar is confidently, But viewers know the rules of these shows, how they are crafted and stories, In the painting the revolution's populist crowd is transformed by the painter into a common herd, a mob of grotesqueries, to be, These results were obtained from experiments in the lower mid zone at each site and exposure, in which shelter and food availability for the whelks were, He studied our use of language and the way that words are, As the case heads to trial in October, some of the men he mentored and, A programmer can find new ways for data from one of these devices to be, The European bitterling is a freshwater fish in which the quality of the resource is of crucial importance for successful reproduction but can easily be, Many of the paintings incorporate cut paper and other materials which Schwarz, As Puar further pointed out, this notion of a global gay identity is easily, The patient is positioned and anchored securely to prevent injury and movement when the surgical hip is reamed and the surgical leg is, Elections are subject to administrative pressure, some electors are directly leaned on, and counts are, He still remains in touch with his fellow strikers, but the arcs of their career paths say much about the fickleness of the game, the way prospects are outwardly, Because the issue is not how the simultaneous equations, partial derivatives or matrices are, The new software is a multimedia environment with a simple, understandable tool palette and easily, A stuntman and his model girlfriend flee London and its media circus, and escape to the country, but are, Classic market rules, supply and demand considerations don't work in textbook fashion in a rigged market that is routinely, Put simply, there is no substitute for expressing ideas in precise yet abstract symbols, which can then be, Meanwhile, frustrations over violence and insecurity have been, Even those poor photos from by-gone years can be scanned and, Gracia's tough yet vulnerable, a manipulator who's also, Democracy came in the form of elections that were fixed and, The man was described at Manchester Crown Court as a strict father who controlled and, Most readers already know that the official statistics are a pile of hooey, routinely, As far as appears, the only attempt to choreograph the meeting occurred when a Chattanooga reporter, Never on God's sweet earth has there been a more glorious union of, The fruit fly is among the most studied organisms in the world, because its genes can be easily examined and, A team of international observers was monitoring the vote amid claims by opposition and human rights workers that the election was being, Therefore the objects are followed by picture cards which are also, What remains is a traditional case of a national paranoia being, As a result, data must often be manually re-keyed, reformulated, revalidated, or, A good way to visualize how the multiple layers are, The birds were easily arousable and responded appropriately if, The NCAA believes college athletes easily can be, At first glance, Weyermann's images appear to be digitally, These jump cuts are a disruption of the natural flow of the shot and acknowledge that the shot has been, But Lord Turnbull said that Hinshelwood, who suffers from a dependent personality disorder, had been, Can, for example, condensation reactions, or for that matter, eliminations, be, An octogon, on the other hand, can be rotated and, Figs are drawable objects that can be shown and, This is what separates Wolf from a pack of publications that demand perfectly manicured and, Samaras seized upon the fact that Polaroids, fresh out of the camera, stay gooey for a while, and can be physically, But, allegations soon surfaced that the papers had, According to the ancient historians he was also overly trusting, and easily, While Henry VII and his councillors expected her to be easily, The Chinese concept of chi, a form of energy that often, The economic spirit of a people cannot be, The cells introduced onto these microelectrodes are, Ideologically, the Nixon administration was neo-racist insofar as it, He paid for moderate clergy to be present, negotiated with members and, The numbers disclosed by some national governments are suspected of being, Considered by contemporaries to be a harsh but effective ruler, Henry skilfully, Henry ruled through the various barons and lords in England and Normandy, whom he, By controlling the different parts of the speech apparatus, the airstream can be, These tools lead to increasingly dynamic, interactive maps that can be, The preparation of the register was still left to easily, Tom said Harry had lied, and Harry recriminated by saying Tom had, However, when the distal metacarpal bones are, In this scenario, if a witness were willing to deceive the court with a, This may be called milieu control.


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