mlb logos ranked

Major league logos used to be a lot more fun.

It also signed Toucan Sam. I'm not sure if this is a logo for a baseball team or a laundry detergent. The logo most identified with the Yankees is the world famous, classic, Tiffany-designed NY. Back then, you couldn't buy baseball merchandise outside the team's actual city, and I didn't have any money to buy a jersey anyway, so I painted the Cardinals logo on one of my white t-shirts.

It is important to note that Andrew’s opinions had no impact whatsoever on the rankings. Way to get the Rangers to the World Series. -- they are not initials).

It takes a shrewd club to sign a pitcher with a history of arm problems to a $55 million contract. At the end of data collection, I applied a fancy math procedure (it’s called Hierarchical Bayes if you are interested) to derive the rankings.

Baseball team names come in a lot of varieties.

Currently over 10,000 on display for your viewing pleasure It's a little in your face, like a Chicago fan, but in a dignified way, as if it's saying, "Yeah, this is the South Side and you don't pay attention to us, but we don't care because we've won a World Series in the past century.

And if not, that's OK, because Simon will draw it so that you do.

By Tim Kelly.

The logo of the baseball team Seattle Mariners has almost always been based on the “sea” theme. Did you recognize this as the game Willie Mays hit his first home run? As I mentioned then, one can find MLB logos all over the interwebs, but the best (by far) collection is found on Chris Creamer’s fantastic website,, where I found all the logos you’ll see below. • Best wishes to Gil Meche, who chose to give up the final $12 million on his contract by retiring now rather than undergo shoulder surgery that would have kept him from pitching in 2011 but for which he would have been paid anyway.

I was fortunate enough to receive an amazing amount of participation from all 30 MLB teams’ fanbases, but due to the large number of Yankees, Cubs, Blue Jays, and Red Sox fans, which combined accounted for one-third of the sample, I weighted the data to reflect equal participation from all 30 fanbases. Since 1990, the Atlanta Braves logo has remained the same.

I've always liked ones that are tied to the city they're in, so I decided to wade through all 30 MLB teams and rate their name, logo, and mascot.

While in the earlier versions, it was represented by a trident, the current logo sports a compass.

Well, you get the picture. And you need the logo to reflect that," he said. Note to Nolan Ryan. My only suggestion: Mr. Met should have it tattooed around his whole head.

Fortunately, the Angels resisted the urge to have the Rally Monkey swatting airplanes from atop the halo. Recently, MLB conducted a survey among 85 players on their favorite uniforms in which they have to select other teams and not their own.

"In minor league baseball, the model for a lot of teams is family entertainment before baseball. Every MLB Logo Ranked By 3,792 Fans. Yes, it's incredibly offensive, but we've been offending people with it for soooooo long we can't stop now.

You can hear Vin Scully talking, see Sandy Koufax or Fernando Valenzuela pitching, feel the warmth of a Los Angeles summer day and smell the fumes from the cars in the parking lot. 10) Major League Baseball silhouetted batter logo Number 10 on our list of greatest MLB logos is one of the most familiar brand marks in the world.

Fanjuicer was created by MDRG. It should be good enough for Matt Wieters and Luke Scott. Recently, MLB conducted a survey among 85 players on their favorite uniforms in which they have to select other teams and not their own.

To get an informed take on the logos and the rankings, I partnered with Andrew Crane, a Senior Art Director at VML, a major ad agency based in Kansas City.

That will make five in one year, beginning with "Black Swan." "Even though when you go to a Major League Baseball game, while you might be bringing the family, the teams are not selling the family. 1 to 30. It isn't easy taking something dull, ugly and inanimate like an onion or a seed and turning it into a character with enough personality for a Bravo reality series ("The Real Nuts of Modesto"), but the wildly talented Dan Simon does all the time. That is not to blame their demise on a simple switch from a cartoon logo. With a few exceptions, that playful cartoon style has disappeared from major league logos. Klutts looks like his photo was colorized by Turner Studios, Trammell looks like he has gas and Washington looks as if the photographer told him, "Now pull down your cap wayyyyy down, almost over your eyes.

Ranked: Best jerseys and logos in MLB. Kind of like Greg Luzinski squeezing into one of those polyester uniforms after it had been left in the dryer too long. -- but it isn't bad. As baseball season is now in full swing, this is the perfect time to conduct some MLB fan research, so I recruited 3,792 fans to participate in a MaxDiff market research study with the goal of meaningfully ranking every MLB logo in the minds of fans.

Not the MLB logo.

And sometimes, even cartoons are just wildly inappropriate. It is the passion project of Heath Gregory, our Data Science Manager and certified college football fanatic. It failed.

The Cartoon Bird was fun and a winner. Welcome to, the official site of Major League Baseball. Said Spahn: "For the first 60 feet, it was a helluva pitch.". MLB / Ranking the Best and Worst MLB Logos ; By Athlon Sports, 4/6/16, 11:00 AM EDT . In addition, most respondents had strong emotional ties to a particular team, and I found that the average respondent had a tough time divorcing the love of his team from his perceptions of the logos. Little known fact: That was actually a young Tony the Tiger, before he left Detroit to sign a $128 million lifetime contract with Kellogg's. In baseball, there are home uniforms, away uniforms, alternate uniforms, throwback uniforms, and a bunch of other jerseys.

I hope everyone is satisfied. October 2015. I can practically hear them talking about the weather report and complaining that a restaurant is too spendy. ", It works well enough because it is so identifiable and enduring, but I think perhaps it is also too derivative of a bulls-eye. Last summer, I recruited 3,792 fans to participate in a MaxDiff market research study with the goal of meaningfully ranking the official MLB logos in the minds of fans (check out those results here).After releasing those results, I received a TON of requests from baseball fans to do the same exercise for the MLB’s cap insignias (aka – “hat logos”). Simon said there is a distinct difference between a minor league and major league identity logo. You know the ground rules. That's not what they're about.". The pirate looks a little too aggressive, though perhaps that's because he is pissed off about 18 consecutive losing seasons.

• Oh, and check out my new column on sports books, including why we don't need any more books on Mickey Mantle. Until then, relievers such as Rafael Soriano will receive $35 million contracts. A good try but ultimately a swing and a miss, not unlike a Mark Reynolds at-bat. I went to the movies this week and saw another trailer for yet another Portman movie coming out. The classic Dodgers script is elegant, but the baseball rising skyward is what adds just the right touch.

We asked a graphic designer to rank them all. Its design references the team’s past but with the offensive imagery (Native American stereotypes) removed. Sheesh, not even Derek Jeter in October gets that much screen time. And, of course, the Padres canned the Swingin' Friar right after reaching the World Series for the first time. Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Indians Colorado Rockies Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Kansas City Royals …


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