prince montreux 2013

I have made the alteration now . The next song is another highlight for me. I was wondering how Prince’s guitar playing would be on this one, it has been uneven on this recording so far, but I needn’t have worried, his breaks on this song are at his usual high standards.

I really want to skip this one, but I persevere, just in case something special happens. This one differs from the two I have previous written about, as the first part of the show is rock-based, with Prince playing with his band 3rdeyegirl. Get the Prince Setlist of the concert at Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland on July 13, 2013 from the 3 nights 3 shows Tour and other Prince Setlists for free on! Listening to them now I agree this is not the best one, but at the time it was It’s an excellent groove and soon we are back to singing with the crowd, and Prince serves up some great shrieks.

But Prince’s voice rarely lets him down, and it more than carries the song. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it is one that I love to hear live. We go back to Prince’s history next as the familiar riff of “She’s Always In My Hair” begins. The band extends this portion of this song right out, and Prince gets the crowd clapping on the offbeat and engaging in some call and response.

I must make special mention of the heavenly guitar break in it, it’s so lovely I feel myself melting as I listen to it. But it’s a lot of fun live, and again it gives Donna and Prince a chance to show off their skills on the fretboard. A lot of the new songs sound great, that is until they are played next to some of his back catalog classics. Prince’s voice sounds suitably weary to me, and it’s well-matched with the lyrical content. The song draws to a close with some classy vocal stylings from Prince. He plays with it a little as he sings, dropping out here and there for the crowd to sing. Thanks Roy, I am positive that if I had been there myself I would of loved this show to death. There is no denying that when it comes to the bass, he is the MAN. The thunder has a deep crashing sound to it.
It’s a different sound than I am used to it, the drum is quite loud, and it has a more conventional sound. Today I am listening to the third and final show of the Montreux 2013 series. Hey, this setlist was played at a festival: Use this setlist for your event review and get all updates automatically! Prince plays the keyboard on this one, but Donna stands out with her guitar playing. Another great review, enjoyable to read. Sometimes I enjoy this arrangement, and sometimes I feel it sounds leaden and dull. Ok, Prince, put away the horns and pick up your guitar, we about to go in! Donnas solo isn’t flashy but still good before Prince takes a short solo and stretches it more. This song is surrounded by some outstanding stuff, but it more than measures up, and offers some nice variation from the overworked heavier rock songs. It has popped up a few times on the Live Out Loud tour, but that doesn’t diminish its appearance on this recording for me. It doesn’t start off too well, the first part of the song sounds labored and heavy.

“Fixurlifeup” taps the same vein, but Prince’s voice adds a whole other dimension to it. It’s another interesting version, with a sampling moment when Prince sings a couple of lines of Ton Locs “Wild Thing” before a trombone solo. Prince singings mournfully, but the guitars and more threatening than mournful. I Want To Take Your Higher/04. Then its Ida turn and she too engages in a nice solo on her bass. This one has nothing to do with Prince, just my own tired jaded view.

It has sax solo midsong, which really adds to it, and is a welcome addition. It’s noisy but gets me interested again. Superb multi-cam pro footage.

Prince sings quickly to keep up and does a good job of it. Again it adds another dimension, and the whole song is an unexpected surprise. Still, it does get us back on track. Yes, there was some real highpoints here, and things I love, but also several flat parts, and things I can’t overlook. Add setlist, 19 activities (last edit by StevieWonder14, 29 Nov 2019, 16:06 Etc/UTC). I like it, but it may not be to everyone’s taste. It’s an excellent recording of a fine song. I often think of Prince’s life in terms of this book, and I would love to see him cast in the role of Jay Gatsby in a film adaptation. Again the horns play a couple of tasty solos over the second half of it. Prince also throws in a lyric change, substituting “Hot Thing’ for ‘Montreux” in the last verse. Overall the highs outweigh the lows, and I certainly enjoyed the latter part of the show. “Nasty Girl” is played as an instrumental. The song is all about the bass, and Larry Graham in particular can be heard all over this. Sure, there is the sound of thunder as expected, but it is not drawn out, and Prince quickly cuts through it with “Say hello to Hannah on the drums.” I am not sure if it’s the recording itself or my set up here, but already it is sounding much heavier than previous nights. The light and ethereal introduction of “Breakdown” hits all the emotional hotspots for me. The show seems to start much faster than the previous nights. But asides from that, I don’t think it stacks up musically with the previous nights. “The Love We Make” is a forgotten gem from the Emancipation set. Again it’s faster than on record, but it’s all very tight. Sure, there is the sound of thunder as expected, but it is not drawn out, and Prince quickly cuts through it with “Say hello to Hannah on the drums.” Sure, he’s playing to the crowd, but it’s a nice touch.
It is not permitted to sell this item on Discogs. My opinion on it is somewhat divided. There is plenty of Princes singing, so despite the guitars putting up a hell of a racket they never completely dominate. Again, it gets me interested in an older song that I have played to death. But that is in no way a criticism of the song itself, I am very pleased to have it here, and it is one I would like to hear more of. Donna stops playing and we get a moment to enjoy just Idas bass. A nice recording, it’s a fine addition to the collection, but I wouldn’t believe all the hype about this one. Thanks for the correction, I would like to pass it off as a typo, but that’s bit of a stretch!


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