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Proudly created with Why are We Still Playing Age of Empires II? He reversed the opening, which was Redding's whistling part, and put it at the end as suggested. Sitting-On-The-Dock-Of-The-Bay.

The bass rumbles soft and low, like the bellow of a cargo ship off in the distance, while the horns slowly rise and fade just beyond the horizon. The updaated version is "Sitting on the dock of E-bay" 0 0. lois. And then there’s the suicide angle.

©2018 by Naked Mushroom People. If you were on the dock of the bay, you would only see the man sitting there. 4 years ago. I will be pissed off if its not about a dude sitting on a dock next to the bay. On top of that, he’s apparently too old to keep up with the work on the dock, if that’s how we interpret the line ‘I can’t do what ten people tell me’ and ‘I’m sittin’ here restin’ my bones’. King Curtis's version charted for five weeks starting in March 1968 and peaked at number 84 (during the same month, the original was number one). 3.13.2019 Today has been a rough one. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

She was so beautiful. The song was infinitely better off for it, though -- it's the only conclusion "Dock of the Bay" could have reached, one that offers no resolution but a sense of continuation, a debate to be settled another day, or not. [26]Michael Bolton included the song on his 1987 album The Hunger. There’s such a powerful story about depression and fate hiding just underneath these lyrics – but why isn’t Otis more clear about it?

© 2020 Billboard. "[29], In April 2013, Justin Timberlake performed the song as part of a tribute to Memphis soul music at the "In Performance" concert series performed at the White House. That he's been projecting his depression onto me and I am just trying to survive as a new mom right now. [35] Reprise Records issued a live album featuring Redding and Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival. [7] The song features a whistled tune heard before the song's fade. "Poor Otis dead and gone, left me here to sing his song, pretty little girl with a red dress on, poor Otis dead and gone." The song was unmixed at the time of his death; Atlantic Records demanded that Cropper finish it within days to capitalize on the attention surrounding Redding's demise -- which he did, getting the record out to radio DJs by the end of the year.

"(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" was released in January 1968, shortly after Redding's death.

[27] Zelma Redding, Otis's widow, said she was so moved by Bolton's performance "that it brought tears to my eyes. Thats all i know. "Dock of the Bay" is the most serene, impressionistic three-minute pop song you've ever heard. It was recorded by Redding twice in 1967, including once just days before his death in a plane crash. Amazingly enough, my tarot cards were wrapped up in a scarf in the back of my car, so after I jammed out and danced to my song again and then I said a quick prayer and pulled a card. Indeed, the song could be read as Otis venting his frustration at folks like his manager telling him to stay in his R&B lane, and curtail his Fab Four-sized ambitions. He ended up taking the baby to run an errand so I had some much needed alone time. The song was released on Stax Records' Volt label in 1968, becoming the first posthumous single to top the charts in the US.

And as one of the catchiest wordless hooks in the history of recorded music, its early fade out practically taunts you to put the record on again, for another 2:42 of wasted time at the dock of the 'Frisco Bay. Jim Morrison made reference to "Dock of the Bay" in the Doors' song "Runnin' Blue", written by Robby Krieger, from their 1969 album The Soft Parade. He’s telling us, not only is he sitting there for a long time, but he’s sitting there for a whole working day – not out of laziness, but joblessness. I have allowed my partner to talk down to me and I have probably felt that I am worthy of the put downs, but I know I am worthy of so mu. "[8] Redding continued to tour after the recording sessions. The track became the first ever posthumous #1 single in the US.

Universal acclaim While touring in support of the albums King & Queen (a collaboration with female vocalist Carla Thomas) and Live in Europe, he continued to scribble lines of the song on napkins and hotel paper. R&B stations quickly added the song to their playlists, which had been saturated with Redding's previous hits. [6] The song is somewhat different in style from most of Redding's other recordings. Woke up to an unexpected knock on the door that sent me into panic and tears. The man doesn’t care to tell his story, because he doesn’t think his story matters – after all, his life experience tells him that he doesn’t matter. Inside Otis Redding's "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 17:16. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Minor note, but if you are thrown off by the whistling at the end, it might be worth mentioning that in the studio take Otis Redding had wanted to add some new lyrics at the end of the song, but because he hadn’t written them yet, he put in an improvised whistle. Both studio albums and anthologies sold well in America and abroad. I mean, if he had a story like this in mind, why wouldn’t he just tell us? I listened to what my spirit was telling me which was go for a drive and see where you end up. But a bit too soon it seems as he turns out to be her brother.

Billboard ranked the record as the number 4 song for 1968. [1] There were concerns that "The Dock of the Bay" had too much of a pop feel for an Otis Redding record, and contracting the Stax gospel act the Staple Singers to record backing vocals was discussed but never carried out.

( Log Out /  Barre chords are used in … It was recorded by Redding twice in 1967, including once just days before his death in a plane crash. It reminded me so much of my husband that I know if he heard it, he would feel the same. Posted by raikespeare in Music, Uncategorized. Problem is, that’s a rather boring subject matter. 0 0.


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