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If you're looking for some spooky-lite entertainment, Hulu has you covered too. That density of meaning runs throughout Shoplifters, which explores how families can be both chosen and needed, built on love and formed for convenience all at once.

To mark the occasion, Hulu has a couple of really great originals coming our way. [Jesse Hassenger], Joel and Ethan Coens direct True Grit with a light touch, but like Portis’ stark, funny novel, their adventure tale shaves off none of the rough edges. And anyone who thinks it’s far-fetched to see two friends of opposite gender agreeing to raise a child while they continue to date other people hasn’t touched base with single urbanites in their late 30s recently. A list of 5 good movies on Netflix to watch this weekend, including new originals like Walk. [Noel Murray], These days, the performances of Nicolas Cage can usually be divided into one of two categories. What’s on Disney Plus ( is a unofficial fan site and is not endorsed, moderated, owned by or affiliated with Disney in any capacity. What's Coming to Hulu in October 2020? Ride. Her name is Jane (Julia Garner, Emmy-winning costar of Ozark) and for 87 minutes, we’re immersed in her professional world, a mundane and exhausting and sometimes degrading series of routines through which the undeniable evidence of transgression emerges. Bing Liu, the director, was one of them, a budding filmmaker shooting skating videos with his friends. [A.A. Dowd], Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, one of the best-regarded sci-fi sequels of all time, and pretty much the undisputed champion of Star Trek movies. In theory, it’s the sort of indie that’s already been done to death: an ensemble-cast love letter to the prickly character of New York. The Pentagon Papers? And as long as you’re fighting back against creeping crypto-fascist theocracy, why not do it in the name of Satan? [A.A. Dowd], Beyond Thunderdome is set roughly 15 years after Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, in an Australian wasteland seemingly salvaged from bits of Lawrence Of Arabia, spaghetti Westerns, Peter Pan, and Metal Hurlant. At first, this high-concept sci-fi drama appears to be pushing a straightforward (and rather obvious) metaphor for alcoholism. Asterisks indicate a Hulu original title. Informational and breathtaking, March Of The Penguins pays unforgettable tribute to magnificent creatures that, like the similarly far-fetched duckbilled platypus, prove evolution’s genius and surprisingly wacky sense of humor.

At the same time, Mackie recognizes that they both have a job to do. But it doesn’t matter. [A.A. Dowd], Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol, the series’ fourth film, charges director Brad Bird with the task, betting that the animator behind The Incredibles and Ratatouille would have similar luck with flesh and blood in his live-action debut.

But for Decker, what’s important about Shirley’s misery is how she used it to fuel her work. (It’s absurd, but only by about 10 percent.) [Katie Rife], Over the course of the Iraq War, reports of people killed and maimed by the crude roadside bombs known as IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) became commonplace. Set in the streets, magic-hour-blanketed hills, and cluttered suburban homes of a small Ohio town as the 1970s edge into the ’80s, the J.J. Abrams-scripted-and-directed Super 8—which Spielberg produced—consciously, and successfully, looks back to an era of abundant Spielbergiana. At the center of this gladiatorial gridiron epic is Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino), wearied championship coach of the Miami Sharks, who’s grappling with numerous dilemmas, from the disloyalty of owner Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) to his lovelorn loneliness to—most crucially of all—a severe injury to his veteran quarterback Cap Rooney (Dennis Quaid). We list the 100 best movies on the service. Blade doesn’t devote its entire first act to its hero’s origin story.


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