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| | | Lieh Lo, Norman Chu, 86 min Chia-Liang Liu Action. 95,028 A general goes on a search for a book that reveals the names of revolutionaries in the area, leading to a showdown at a Shaolin temple where he faces off against the revolutionaries. Cheh Chang A Ming princess and her faithful bodyguard are chased to Shaolin Temple by the Ching army.

| Action.

| Martin Stoltz Stars: | |


| Jacky Shix, Action, Drama.

A man studies kung fu at the Shaolin Temple to fight back against the oppressive Manchu government. Chenghui Yu, Stars: Lung Ti, Chiu Lee Siu-Tin Yuen, He establishes a school with a former student who leads him into trouble with the Russian Mafia. Tao-Liang Tan, Hua Tsung, David Carradine, | Chen-Huan Chang, 84 min | They get help from a Kung Fu student and a rebel.

Frankie Poon, Qiuyan Huang,

Chia Tang Kuo-Ming Sun, 83 min Father and son each believed that the other ... See full summary », Director: Two friends who long to be heroes join the fight against a Ching warlord and his students.

Peng Zhang Li | Stars: Toby Barron, Yet another film from the prolific Chang Cheh, this effort is sort of the Ocean’s 11 of martial arts movies, in that it stars the “Venom Mob” – Shaw Brothers Studio’s stable of regular Kung Fu character actors and fight choreographers, who had all studied together at the famed Peking Opera School before moving into movies.

Action, Adventure, International favorite, David Chiang, stars as the great Chih Shim, the monk who saved the Southern Shaolin Temple. Stars: |

104 min Shaoqun Yu, 111 min Biao Yuen Men from far and wide come to wait outside the temple, hoping ... See full summary », Director: SBS On Demand have assembled some of the best early Kung Fu movies into one hard-hitting collection, and we’ve got the lowdown on all of them. Hou Hsiao, Chung Ting Stars: Chang Cheh is at the Shaolin Temple vs. Qing battle once more! Hou Hsiao, Chris Potter, Cheh Chang Sung-jun Yoo, Stars: Stars: Stars: Kuan-Chun Chi, Kuan-Hsiung Wang, 93 min Fei Meng, | Chun-Erh Lung, | Chia-Hui Liu, After witnessing the murder of his father, Little Mute trains in Shaolin Temple for revenge and is taught by various teachers, one of which is clandestine.

What should be a simple mission turns into a quagmire of intrigue, with plots within plots and dozens of characters conspiring to off each other in imaginative and painful ways. 99 min Woo-Ping Yuen Ahna Capri, Votes: 93 min Qiuyan Huang, It’s fun if you imagine all these happening not just sequentially, but simultaneously, with Cheh filming various stories around the same big events in a multi-part epic that would shame Marvel. Jimmy Santos, Reese Madigan, | They also save Hung Si Quan's life.

Hsin-Yen Chang A precursor to the “heroic bloodshed” movies that would dominate Hong Kong cinema in the ’80s and ’90s, this grim, violent crime drama sees country bumpkin Kung Fu prodigy Ma Yung Chen (Kuan Tai Chen) befriend crime boss Tan Sze (David Chiang) and begin working his way up the criminal ranks, attracting the enmity of rival crook Yang (Chiang Nan). SBS World Movies Weekly Highlights: 26 October - 1 November, SBS World Movies Weekly Highlights: 19 - 25 October, Top movies to watch this month: October 2020, Best movies over 2.5 hours to stream at SBS On Demand, now that you have the time, 11 Comedies You Can Stream Right Now If You Just Need A Good Laugh. | Jing Wu, Votes: Chia-Hui Liu,

| Action. Jet Li, Peter Yuen Stars: Stars: Stars:

| Hung escapes Shaolin after the temple is attacked by the Ching, only to be jailed with the help of Fang (also of Shoalin) who mistakes him for a bandit. James Tien, Cheh Chang Sheng Fu, Yi Chang, R David Chiang, R William Lucking, PG-13 Action, Comedy. Most Popular Shaolin Kung Fu Movies and TV Shows Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Action, Drama, Thriller, Complicated mix of Chinese history and myth, where old Shaolin friends find themselves on different sides, one a Ching general, and the other faithful to Ming. Action, Comedy, As the names of Chang Cheh and Liu Chia-liang became legendary, all-too-often the name of their equally valued collaborator, Tang Chia, is omitted. Director: Corey Yuen Action. |

TV-PG | Following the sacking of the legendary Shaolin Monastery, five Kung Fu acolytes skill up to rain bloody retribution on the Qing martial artists and Manchu traitors responsible for the temple’s destruction. Director:

| 85 min 102 min | | Joseph Kuo A secret agent comes to an opium lord's island fortress with other fighters for a martial-arts tournament. Hailing from the freewheeling, hard-fighting 1970s, when martial arts movies first came to the attention of Western audiences, SBS On Demand's special collection of classic Kung Fu films feature some of the most blistering action sequences ever recorded. Stars: Chia-Liang Liu

98 min | After an ambush of a battle, ... See full summary », Director: Chia-Liang Liu
Wing-Cheong Law Lily Li, Action, Comedy.

Stars: Il-do Jang,

| 98 min ... See full summary », Stars: Some of the biggest Kung Fu and Martial Art stars have movies being released in 2019, from Jackie Chan to Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa to Scott Adkins.Many fans are excited for the Donnie Yen remake of the Sammo Hung classic “Enter The Fat Dragon“, Jackie Chan and John Cena teaming up for “Project X – Traction“, the all out action movie “Triple Threat” and Ip Man 4. Lieh Lo, 131 min

Hui-Lou Chen, 94 min In terms of plot, the film sees a dying martial arts master (Dick Wei) sic his last pupil, Yang Tieh (Chiang Sheng), on his five previous pupils, fearing they are using his techniques for evil. Fang must now help Hung escape so they can challenge the Ching together.

Director: Vivian Hsu, |

Stars: Director: Stars: Stars: Lung Ti,

Gordon Liu Chia-hui reprises his famous Monk San Te role as he tries to support and protect Shaolin her Fang Shih-yu who purposely attacks corrupt Ching officials. Action, Adventure, Drama. Jackie Chan, Also known as Unbeatable Dragon, Shaolin Bloodshed and North Shaolin vs. South Shaolin, this one features the Venoms and centres on a plot by a Qing warlord to defeat the Northern and Southern Shaolin Temples by framing the former for murdering the students of the latter. | It takes a father and son team to battle the forces of evil throughout China, fighting with honor to defend the weak through fast-motion kung fu.

– giving us a lot of variety in the mayhem this time round. David Guaita

Hark-On Fung, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Fu-Ti Lin Feng Shih, 104 min

| | | Bruce Li, Reluctantly, Ta Kun ... See full summary », Director: Stars: Chien-Hsu Chen, William Dunlop, R |

This is basically the Avengers of ’70s Kung Fu movies, with director Chang Cheh (The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, The Water Margin) bringing together a number of the genre’s heavy hitters, including Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chi Kuan-Chun and Alexander Fu Sheng for an all-in brawl. In those, the master head-kicker played Shaolin monk San Te, but here he’s actually an imposter – a good-hearted conman, Chao Jen-Cheh, who pledges himself to the Shaolin Temple after his failure to help the oppressed workers of a local textiles factory against their brutal bosses clues him into the fact that he needs to learn some real martial arts. Director: A young man, hounded by a psychopathic general, learns martial arts at the Shaolin temple to avenge his father's death. 93 min |

Action, The grandson of Kwai Chang Kane walks out of the past. | Five students escape from the destruction of their beloved Shaolin each must take revenge and train in their own seperate fighting styles...they will become The Five Shaolin Masters!! This film is about Fong Sai-yu going under cover as a servant in the ... See full summary », Director: | Jud Taylor Director: Lung Ti, | Action, Drama. Chun-Erh Lung, After ambushing and killing his rival, losing everything in the process, dispirited warlord Hou Jie turns to a Shaolin monastery seeking salvation. Director: Chia-Liang Liu Director:

| | Stars: Yin-Tze Pan,

60 min Stars: |

Hyang-su Hwang,

Stars: Action, Director: | Crippled Avengers – also directed by prolific director Chang Cheh, who co-wrote the film with Ni Kuang – sees warlord Dao Tian-du (Chan Kuan-Tai) turn evil after the death of his wife. Stars: Set in 1930s Shanghai, the film kind of plays out like a culture-swapped riff on Scarface, culminating in an epic, bloody and finely choreographed battle that took 10 days to shoot at a time when Chinese studios were banging these things out as fast as they could.

| Gross: | After ambushing and killing his rival, losing everything in the process, dispirited warlord Hou Jie turns to a Shaolin monastery seeking salvation. 84 min Kara Wai, R Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Sheng Chiang,

Stars: Jet Li, Not Rated | | |

Phillip Chung-Fung Kwok, Not Rated |

David Chiang, R Action, Adventure, Drama, The martial-arts action film 10 Brothers of Shaolin tells the tale of ten specially trained fighters, five monks, five laymen, who have been taught their skills in order to protect Master ... See full summary », Director:

| Director: Richard Lang

Polly Ling-Feng Shang-Kuan,

| Action, Comedy, A rich young man seeks to make a name for himself by being the one to discover a lost treasure. Action, Drama. This he duly does, and all the glorious mayhem that Lui is so good at is unleashed. Deannie Ip, David Carradine, | To achieve this he forgoes a budding romance with his kungfu master's daughter, a shepherdess. | Nancy Yen, 88 min Stars: Fights by legendary action director Liu Chia-liang are to die for. | Wah Yuen, Joseph Kuo Kristen Dougherty, Shin'ichi Chiba,

Tung-Shing Yee, A Colombian drugs cartel joins forces with a group of Hong Kong Triads and the hottest Hitman on the planet, to ship two tonnes of cocaine into Australia and China.

99 min Stars: | Jim Kelly, Director: | Shu-Tsai Chang, 90 min Kidnapped as children and trained as martial artists, five teenagers seek justice for the assassination of their Shaolin kung fu master. | Fei Meng,


| | 109 min Stars: |

This time round, two students (Fu Sheng and Chi Kuan Chun) escape the destruction of the Shaolin Temple and study under various masters in order to beat some retribution out of the Qings’ two best fighters (Wang Lung Wei and Liang Chia Jen). Yuthlert Sippapak


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