the endless river review
The Endless River is Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason’s generous farewell to Wright, who died in 2008, built from unissued music the three made together for 1994’s The Division Bell. Those songs elevate the first and second side, promising a more adventurous album than Pink Floyd deliver. As well as The Endless River being Rick Wright’s swansong, Nick Mason and David Gilmour have said that it will be Pink Floyd’s last. As such, they may be too professional and perhaps even too rich to make this music sound like anything other than a luxury item, an option on a sports car or a demonstration CD for home theaters. Then there’s a change of pace with pulsing Farfisa organ for Anisina, which starts like Us and Them and builds to a warm, triumphal peak, Gilad Atzmon’s soaring clarinet and throaty tenor sax trading licks with Gilmour’s high electric guitar. sans Waters, who left the band back in the '80s. "Sum" and "Skins" are admirably weird, as though the band went as far out as they dared and then took a few more steps. It’s light-touch stuff, very pretty. Of course, if there are no more Pink Floyd albums, then there is no collective future to anticipate, no new sound to build toward. That kind of self-referentiality lends much-needed import to what is ultimately a minor entry in the band’s catalog. Drummer Nick Mason gets a go on side two, working up a fast tattoo on rototoms (even if he isn’t quite in his Live at Pompeii pomp) for Skins, with echo and weird atmospherics aplenty, courtesy of co-producer Youth. As the band progressed, of course, they refined their chops as well as their ambitions—the usual course for DIY musicians (except for Syd Barrett, who quickly absented himself from the scene after spearheading their 1967 debut, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn). Even the title takes inspiration from the final song on The Division Bell, an album which also featured guest vocals by Hawking. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. So there’s a kind of poetry to the fact that, with Waters long gone, the new album – Pink Floyd’s first studio outing in two decades – is a tribute to Wright, who died of cancer in 2008. It also packs a great deal into 53 minutes – not least because some of the tracks are barely more than a minute and a half long. Mostly instrumental set honors the band’s psychedelic legacy, Paris, FRANCE: Former Pink Floyd British leader David Gilmour performs, 15 March 2006 in Paris, on the stage of the Grand Rex music Hall. In fact communication, or the lack of it, seems to be a major theme. As regrettable as that album cover may be, it provides a useful metaphor for the relationship between the guitarist and the keyboardist: Gilmour is the punter guiding the boat, Wright is the cloud upon which he floats.


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