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True War Stories is perfect for the military veteran or "dad who loves nonfiction" or the friend who doesn't really read many comics. Where Garth Ennis went for broad comedy in "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade," skewering the conventions of war comics, he keeps things deadly serious in "War Stories." “I think it’s interesting to see the ways stories come together, and the ways a story grows as each person contributes to it.”. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He has worn different hats in his career, including features editing for Gannett News Service and Newhouse News Service, dealing with TV coverage and music coverage, movie reviews, humor columns and political commentary. Forum Comic Books Comic Strips Fanzines Non-English British Story Papers Old Time Radio Tell It To The Marines 40 pages: Coo Coo Comics 61 38 pages: Giggle Comics 47 53 pages: Giggle Comics 53 53 pages: Giggle Comics 55 53 pages: Giggle Comics 45 53 pages: Giggle Comics 46 53 pages: Giggle Comics 41 53 pages: Giggle Comics 58 53 pages: Giggle Comics 43 53 pages: Giggle Comics 44 53 … Most recently, Superman found the island in "Superman" #8. The bulk of the tales were penned by Robert Kanigher, who imbued Rock with leadership, toughness, sharp judgment, an iron will -- and a big heart.

David Michelinie's 19-issue run on the book, with art by Gerry Talaoc, put the Soldier in awkward situations where others paid the price for the need to keep his cover while carrying out his missions. "Weird War Tales" was a blend of two genres: war comics and horror comics, with science-fiction, fantasy and mystery also thrown into the mix. There were many new guys, as Easy -- being a front-line unit -- bore a heavy share of casualties as they wound their way from North Africa to Italy to France to Germany, where they were at war's end. "We made a really big effort to get everything as accurate as possible, and our writers really went above and beyond in terms of giving us their photos of events and also finding accurate photo [references.]". Writer/artist Art Spiegelman frames the story by having him interview his father, Vladek, about his days in Poland before and during World War II, before he emigrated to the United States. Air War Stories (1964) comic books. "Maus" views it from its victims. Vertigo revived and updated the concept in 2007, in a five-issue miniseries written by Frank Marraffino and drawn by Henry Flint, but with a twist. "Landscape" told of an elderly rice farmer in Vietnam who wished to be left alone, but is caught between warring forces and meets a fatal end. Based on a sampling of stories that Z2 Comics shared with Task & Purpose, no two are alike, with each able to stand on its own as a sort of illustrated memoir — a sea story brought to life with a dash of color and some well-placed thought, or word, bubbles. The interplay of their perspectives as they cope with their environment makes a fascinating read. "A Purple Heart for George" features a back-of-the-lines soldier who goes on weekly benders and, each week, requests a transfer to a combat unit. As a long-time comics fan and one-time aspiring artist, Kelvin Childs is happy to be a contributing writer for CBR. The threat of death always loomed over Sgt. He can be reached via email at: James@taskandpurpose.com. It had a simple, cool premise: the U.S. Army against dinosaurs! He has also been intensively trained in the arts of infiltration, hand-to-hand combat and disguise, using latex masks to adopt different faces. RELATED: Terminal Lance creator's new Afghan War graphic novel gives us 'Conan the Barbarian' in Marine camouflage, James Clark is a senior reporter with Task & Purpose who provides a mix of pop culture commentary and in-depth analysis of issues facing the military and veterans community. Unfortunately, one weekend they aren't around, and poor George suffers the consequences. Stevens" strip as a backup tale in "Our Army at War" #218. The message was clear: A real war story is violent, brooding, and unforgiving. Like Sam Beckett of TV's "Quantum Leap," Kowalski was charged with making things right for the person he inhabited before they met their end, in a macabre form of penance. They're the ones that keep you sane in spite of all the terrible things that can and sometimes do happen during deployment. In around 70, four-page episodes, he gave us slices of the sailor's life that were illuminating, frightening and poignant. Below is a list of 16 other top war comics, showcasing soldiers and sailors, spies and commandos, pilots and civilians; everyone dealing with the personal dilemma and terror that war can bring. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. 36 Pages, Full Color. Kowalski's adventures took him to different times and places, possessing combatants in the Allies and the Axis forces, giving him an up-close look at how war makes everyone suffer. After a few prototype stories, the Rock we know and love appeared full-form in "The Rock and The Wall!" Woven in the tale are Spiegelman's frustrations over his relationship with his father and the suicide of his mother. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Spiegelman chose to depict the Nazis as cats, the Polish Jews as mice, and other Poles and Germans as pigs.

"The 'Nam" broke the mold for Marvel, ambitiously attempting to tell the story of the Vietnam War from the eyes of the grunts at ground level. ", "As a result of this soldier-led editing, we have a really organic mix of stories," Krumbhaar said. Published Feb 1966 by Dell. That's what makes me so excited about True War Stories, an upcoming comic book anthology of 15 stories from veterans and service members spanning generations and wars. In the stable of mags produced for EC Comics by the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, "Two-Fisted Tales" and "Frontline Combat" stand out. A spiritual successor to "Two-Fisted Tales" was Warren Publishing's short-lived "Blazing Combat," which ran for four quarterly issues in 1965 and 1966. In 1963, Marvel was riding high with its brash approach to comics, the bombastic writing of Stan Lee and the eye-popping art from innovators Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. As a black-and-white magazine, "Blazing Combat" was not under the Comics Code, and was more free to be hard-hitting, realistic and brutal. The stories were written and drawn by a rotating crew of creators.

Fury" up to eleven. The conceit of following the war month-by-month was abandoned, as was its isolation from the broader Marvel Universe, with the story "The Punisher Invades The 'Nam!" There's no final word on what it all means, just a sampling of different perspectives, served with a side of honest reflection and a hefty portion of dark laughter. All Issues; In Stock; Display. One is a tale in which he is disguised as a Nazi officer and ordered to prove his loyalty by shooting a suspected member of the French resistance. In 2014, Avatar began an ongoing series.


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