wow classic rallying cry of the dragonslayer timer

Also, worauf wartest du noch? If the buff matters to you, put in the effort it takes to ensure you get it, which is NOT A LOT.

Generally, I agree with what Blizzard is saying here, however... imagine still sticking to #nochanges when you've already made dozens of unhealthy #changes to the gamethis isnt even vanilla experience anymore, this is some twisted timewalking pruned retail. Also, it's hardly the case here. While we typically try to avoid making changes that can affect legitimate PvP interactions including players engaging in combat with faction-specific NPCs, this particular issue is noteworthy because of some under-the-hood changes we made some time ago to how the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff is applied in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar to improve server performance.

I think the fact that horde can kill hired alliance is a perfectly acceptable balance to this.I'm not concerned about same-faction conflict.

Warchiefs blessing has a 3 hour cooldown, sometimes you can tell by rends head on a pile next to thrall but most of the time you have to ask cause of these shitty private server visual bugs
Blizzard's Response to Resetting the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer NPCs criado 26/2/2020 em 14:30 por Anshlun Blizzard has gone to the forums to reply to concerns from players about the use of strategies to reset the timer for acquiring the Brado Empolgante do Mata-dragões buff. In general, cross-faction collusion is antithetical to WoW gameplay, and the specific circumstance where players pay a member of the opposing faction help them kill their ally feels inappropriate.

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Onyxia Buff Cooldown – Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer. Du kannst mir ihm außerdem deine vervollständigten Quests, Rezepte, Reittiere, Haustiere und Titel verfolgen! This is being done by a Priest of the opposing faction mind controlling the npc mid-event and then the players who started the event killing him. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below.


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