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CMC Crawler 72HD+ Spider Lift

CMC Crawler 72HD+ Spider Lift

CMC Crawler 72HD+

Key Specs

Working Height 72 ft
Max Basket Capacity 507 lb
Max Lateral Reach 41 ft
Width in Transport Mode 35"
Total Weight 6614 lb
Full Spec Sheet

The CMC 72HD+ tracked spider lift is capable of 72 ft working height, up to 41 ft lateral reach, and basket weight capacity of up to 507 lbs. This 35″ wide lift can easily travel through any 36″ door or gate. Equipped with many new standard versatile features such as radio remote controls, automatic chassis self-leveling, standard Kubota Z602 17HP diesel engine and a unique ultra-compact 9′ x 11′ 6″ footprint, allows this lift to work in places no other lift is capable of either entering or working, offering more advantages and the best lift value in the world.

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