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Crawler 135HD CMC S41 Spider Lift

Crawler 135HD CMC S41

Crawler 135HD CMC S41

Key Specs

Lift Height 134 ft 6 in
Basket Capacity 440 lb
Height (Travel Position) 7 ft 10 in
Width 6 ft 10 in
Weight 27,557 lb
Full Spec Sheet

The Crawler 135HD CMC S41 is a self-propelled tracked spider lift that reaches a lift height of 134.5 feet. This lift has a basket with a capacity of 440 pounds and rotates 180 degrees. It has a telescopic boom configuration of 6 extensions and a longer jib. The 135HD is equipped with articulated outriggers that allow extremely compact dimensions in the transport position and dual fuel (diesel and silenced electric pump three-phase 380v). The Crawler 135HD also has a control system that allows remote diagnostics for on-site troubleshooting and service. Send us a message or call 717-684-5050 for more information.

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