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How to Maintain and Preserve Your Electric Motor

We know how important your equipment is to you, especially your electric motor. As experts in maintenance, we have combed through all the pitfalls and challenges of electric motors and gathered a list of tips for extending their lives and protecting them on a regular basis.

Following these easy steps is the perfect way to ensure that you receive the most performance possible out of your electric motor. Our tips will help you develop a standardized process for monitoring your equipment and guide you to anticipate and avert any issues that might arise. Most electric motor challenges are preventable. If you follow these steps, you may never encounter the top five reasons for motor breakdown, which are incorrect mounting, dust, water, overheating, and improper storage. Our tips for prolonging the life of your motor help to avoid every one of these challenges, so that you are prepared for the future.

If you’re interested in how you can proactively prevent electric motor failure, check out our infographic for our complete list of tips.

Professional Electric Motor Maintenance

Slaymaker Electric Motor & Supply offers professional maintenance services such as motor rewinding, motor repair, pump repair, and planned maintenance, as well as specialty services such as power analysis and water leak detection. We know that maintenance isn’t always planned: that’s why we offer overnight services for emergency jobs. Pickup and delivery is available for our customers who are unable to bring equipment into the shop. Do you have any additional questions about your electric motor? Get assistance from our team of experts.

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