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MultiOne SD Series


POWER: 50 hp TIPPING LOAD: 5842 lbs LIFT HEIGHT: 126.4 in


Model 6.3 SD 7.3 SD 8.4 SD 9.5 SD
Engine Yanmar 3TNV76 Yanmar 3TNV82 Yanmar 3TNV88 Yanmar 4TNV88
Power 28 hp 35 hp 40 hp 50 hp
Fuel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Max Speed 8.7 mph 9.3 mph 10.5 mph 11.2 mph
Flow Rate 8.2 gal/min 9.8 gal/min 9.8 gal/min 13.5 gal/min
Lift Height 114 in 114 in 114 in 126.4 in
Weight 3549 lbs 3748 lbs 3924 lbs 4530 lbs
Tipping load (w/backweights) 3307 lbs 3483 lbs 3549 lbs 5842 lbs
Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights) 2645 lbs 2778 lbs 2844 lbs 4674 lbs
SD Series Full Spec Sheet 9.5 SD Full Spec Sheet

multione 7.3SD

multione 7.3SD and 9.5SD

The SD Series has been designed specifically for for use in confined spaces. The driver’s seat is located at the rear like large front loaders, which makes them flexible and able to move in tight spaces. The wide range of attachments allows the mini loaders to used for applications such as farming where many types of tools are needed.

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