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What Type of Lift Should I Rent?

Before starting a project, you collect and evaluate all the resources you’ll need. However, selecting rental equipment, such as lifts, can be challenging, if you aren’t familiar with the technology or aware of its capabilities and attributes. Slaymaker Rental and Supply is here to help. If you’re starting a project and are in need of a lift, we have all the information you’ll ever need to choose the right one for the job.

Based on your needs and goals, you should be able to narrow your search down to a single piece of equipment. Each type of lift is built with a range of abilities, such as height and reach extension, indoor vs. outdoor usage, terrain tolerance, and payload. We’ll help you decide whether a boom lift, scissor lift, or telehandler is the most appropriate piece of equipment for the tasks in front of you.

This infographic will equip you with the knowledge you require to answer crucial rental questions. Every job is unique, so boom lifts, scissor lifts, and telehandlers are expertly designed to perform specific tasks.

What Type of Lift Should I Rent?

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Slaymaker Rental & Supply offers high quality rental equipment from the industry’s leading brands. We have an extensive selection of equipment for both commercial and industrial operations, including boom lifts, spider lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, excavators, and more. Have a rental in mind? Request an estimate or place an order using our quick order form.

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