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MultiOne Mini Loaders


With many different models, multiple configurations, and large assortment of attachments, MultiOne is the best articulated mini loader in the market. They are made to suit every kind of task: from farming to landscaping, from property maintenance to construction. Discover the full range of MultiOne mini loaders from the light but powerful 2 Series up to the impressive 78 hp 10 Series.

Every MultiOne 4WD mini loader is equipped with articulated steering: the front and rear halves of the loader are connected by a joint, allowing the loader to maneuver in tight working spaces. Each series from the 5 Series and up is equipped with a telescopic boom.

Slaymaker has MultiOne loaders available both for purchase and for rent. Click on each Series for more information. For pricing and availability, send us a message or call 717-684-5050.

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