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Spot Coolers, Heat Pumps, Dehumidifiers for Rent

Airrex HSC-12 1 Ton Spot Cooler

1 Ton A/C Spot Cooler

Airrex HSC-12

Airrex HWC-19 Water Cooled Spot Cooler

1.5 Ton Water Cooled Spot Cooler

Airrex HWC-19

Airrex AHSC-12 Portable Heat Pump

1 Ton Portable Heat Pump

Airrex AHSC-12

Airrex ADH-100 Dehumidifier

Large Capacity Dehumidifer

Airrex ADH-100

Spot Coolers, Heat Pumps, Dehumidifiers for Rent

Whether you need heating, cooling, or dehumidification solutions, Slaymaker Rentals has units available to meet your needs. Spot cooler portable air conditioners allow you to cool areas easily, and can be used for economical spot cooling solutions in server rooms, industrial plants, hospitals, and office spaces. You have the option to set the unit up with air ducts so the cooler can act as a true air conditioner.

Portable heat pumps are an economical solution for saving money during both the summer and winter. Portable heat pumps are very good at conditioning the climate around you. Hospitals, Schools, and Commercial buildings are a few applications that utilize heat pumps.

Fully portable dehumidifiers providing rapid drying and humidity control. These units are utilized by restoration companies for building drying, process drying, and general dehumidification.

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