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Wacker Neuson All Wheel Steer Loaders

Wacker Neuson All Wheel Steer loaders

The all-wheel steer (AWS) wheel loaders are designed with a rigid one-piece chassis that prevents shifts in the center of gravity even at full turn. This ensures unparalleled stability, even when working on uneven ground and maintains a constant payload. The AWS has a 40-degree steering angle on each axle that allows a high degree of maneuverability which helps to reduce transit and cycle times.

Three types of steering

Select AWS models feature three steering modes that are electronically synchronized and provide maximum maneuverability on any job site. Changes in steering modes can be made while the machine is in motion allowing for smooth transition.

4-wheel: Tight turning radius is ideal for manuevering in confined areas and job sites with obstructions.

2-wheel: Operates like a car with only front wheels steering. For applications where pushing is required and for faster forward travel times.

Crab: Both front and rear wheels turn in the same direction allowing for lateral operation. For areas where tight access such as against walls is needed.

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