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Crawler 50 CMC S15 Spider Lift

Crawler 50 CMC S15

Crawler 50 CMC S15

Key Specs

Working Height 49 ft 8 in.
Basket Capacity 440 lb
Height (Travel Position) 77.5 in.
Width (Travel Position) 32.5 in.
Weight 3660 lb
Full Spec Sheet

The Crawler 50 CMC S15 is a narrow tracked boom lift. It is ultra compact and user friendly, with intuitive controls and no fuss. The most compact spider lift access platform available in this size range with the shortest closed length, the lift can pass through a single doorway and maneuver in the tightest of spaces. Once setup, the impressive height and reach is achieved with the full safe working load in the basket. Send us a message or call 717-684-5050 for more information.

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